January 22, 2018 VideoTree Team

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The live experience on Facebook videos are getting a little deeper.

Facebook has announced last week that its user experience is being altered to favour live engagement with videos in groups. The posted videos chosen by the group admins and moderators aim to develop the sense of community.

You are going to be able to watch, comment and react to the same content at the same time with the other members. The update was made in order to raise the engagement of Facebook users and to get a stronger bond between those who are watching.

This new update has a knock-on effect on organic posts by businesses. A source at the social network has said that live content generates six times as many interactions as regular timeline videos. The reason is that people join specific groups to be constantly updated with their passions, also to connect with people with similar interests.

Used by various apps like Instagram and Snapchat, live interaction promises to drive traffic to a specific section by targeting users who have already searched for specific audiovisual content on social media. For example, a gamer might want to target players once he hits a specific level in the game, or a retailer could spotlight a product that he’s working on and comment on how soon it is going to be released. In other words, marketers are finding new ways to target customers based one-on-one interaction.

Read more: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154965097952063&set=a.415427007062.200610.576027062&type=1&theater

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