An action packed online course that will transform every aspect of your Instagram channel to help you dominate online with one of the worlds most powerful social media tools.

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 |3:00PM (GMT) | Duration: 1.5 Hours

Do you believe that instagram can improve your social media marketing strategy?

Have you always wanted to spend more time nurturing your Instagram to grow followers but find that you have not got a solid guide to follow?

Have you heard of others having great success, driving traffic back to their website and see their viewership grow? And want to be in that position?

This course is your solution.

Success on instagram

One of the biggest pitfalls with businesses who use Instagram is that there is no coherent strategy which draws in users. Instagram was always, and is always about visuals. Everything from setting up your profile, all the way to creating an attractive portfolio of posts of photos and videos are all addressed in this action packed course. 

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Create a beautiful and effective jewellery profile that increases website hit rates
  • Learn about useful apps to help design a series of beautiful highlights
  • Design the most engaging and attractive stories that maximise engagement
  • Harness the power of video content with best practice video posts
  • Maximise the use of hashtags 
  • Create a visually impactful portfolio of jewellery posts that increase your following
  • Tips and tools for producing simple 360 jewellery product videos and improve your existing videos
  • Understand how to measure the success of your posts with insights


We have managed many jewellery Instagram channels for clients and understand what it takes to get ahead of the curve and break through a sea of competing content. 

Because we also specialise in video training and creation, we understand the best way to utilise the biggest trend that is on Instagram right now – yes, that is video content, and how to approach it. You can capitalise if you leverage video on Instagram and in our course we draw on our own experiences and mentor you so that you understand what type of video content will pull in and maximise your viewing figures.

One Time Fee


This is a 1.5 hour course that can be viewed live, or on demand. It’s up to you! 

aidan geraghty


Aidan founded Videotree in 2014. In those years he has helped businesses succeed by helping them harness the power of video content and video marketing strategy. He now specialises as a video trainer running workshops online and on the ground equipping businesses to shoot their own video content like a pro. He has recently launched his own e-commerce business where he creates video content using his smartphone.

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