A little training on how to shoot with your smartphone camera will transform how you connect with your target audience. You’re a professional and this should translate through video

Adding a professional touch to your video production is actually not that hard when you have a process

Feeling the fear of jumping in front of the camera? Maybe you’ve tried it and the sound is bad, or the sunlight is on the wrong side? Or maybe you’re posting out lots of content and want to bring it up a notch?

The truth is that you can shoot and publish a video that’s low grade quality. And many people are. Car seat videos, selfie videos you name it. And there is a tendency to try to replicate this when you see them. But that’s the wrong thing to do. Build your own brand identity by carving out your own style of video with the help of this one hour session.

Unlock creativity with better shooting techniques

Learn the essential techniques required to achieve the result in a video production you have always wanted. When you are trained by an expert in this intense one hour webinar, you’ll go away with a completely different mindset and approach to shooting your videos. Most of all, with a little learning, you’ll conquer that fear. And when you conquer that fear, you’ll conquer the social media channels and get better results!

In this course you will learn about:

  • Harnessing light to your advantage so you can look great
  • Applying existing business resources to shoot better video quality
  • The role of framing yourself and your camera to capture excellent shots 
  • How to apply equipment that helps you achieve the result you want
  • Learn about the optimum times for video and the best styles to adopt
  • Learn about how editing can transform your videos with some simple branding


After this session you will have the knowledge to shoot videos that result in being more professional looking because you will have been equipped with simple shooting techniques and tips that eliminate the bad habits, unlock creativity and get you better results!


Now that your target market is all online, they can be reached best with video content. If you can create content that stands out from the rest, then you will have that competitive advantage you need.


One Time Fee


This is a one hour course that can be viewed live, or on demand. It’s up to you!

aidan geraghty


Aidan founded Videotree in 2014. In those years he has helped businesses succeed by helping them harness the power of video content and video marketing strategy. He now specialises as a video trainer running workshops online and on the ground equipping businesses to shoot their own video content like a pro. He has recently launched his own e-commerce business where he creates video content using his smartphone.

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