When you go to the effort of making a lovely video, it’s so important that you action what is the most important task when it’s placed online. And that is publishing it across the channels most effectively

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 |3:00 PM (GMT) | Duration: 1 hour

All of these social media postings can be overwhelming. not anymore with our course!

Have you sometimes published your videos and wondered how you could have done it better?

Do you ever find that you’d polished off your production, and that the stumbling block was at the point of publishing?

It’s great having a lovely new video produced, but it’s another thing

Publish your video for maximum results

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube – they all demand different rules in how you post your video in the best way, the best format. This course teaches you to get a consistent and quality look and feel that develops your brand online with your smartphone video. It is such a crucial visual to get right to enchance your brand and not damage it!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Choose your distribution outlets
  • Create visually appealing thumbnails using apps
  • Know what the best times are to post your videos
  • Use the best hashtags and narrative for each post
  • Analyse your video performance


This a content packed course where you’ll bring so much learning with you and be confident that every time you post your videos, that you are doing your best! And what if you are not getting the engagment you desire? Then you’ll know that it’s the video production you need to review. 


Video content is always about create, publish, review and refine. It’s a continuous process. Let’s help you learn how to do that from an expert!


One Time Fee


This is a one hour course that can be viewed live, or on demand. It’s up to you! 

aidan geraghty


Aidan founded Videotree in 2014. In those years he has helped businesses succeed by helping them harness the power of video content and video marketing strategy. He now specialises as a video trainer running workshops online and on the ground equipping businesses to shoot their own video content like a pro. He has recently launched his own e-commerce business where he creates video content using his smartphone.

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