April 18, 2019 VideoTree Team

Personal Branding: Your Lasting Impression On The World

To be memorable, it is important to establish an identity that is easily recognizable. Your personal brand allows you to showcase yourself, your personality and your work on a continuous basis. It’s a soft signature and is expressed in many ways. Whether it is an action you are recognized for, a specific saying or even a piece of clothing, your personal brand is the direct result of how you appear to the world.

A strong social branding strategy can make you stand out from the pack and create a lasting impression with potential networking prospects. Being recognizable, whether it’s for a visual or aural cue (always carrying your camera with you, an expression or “catch phrase” you use often), will help you grow within the industry. Think of it as building a name for yourself; your social branding strategy is really how you market yourself in the industry.

  • Be yourself throughout your social branding. You can showcase your social branding through your social networks and your day-to-day interactions.

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