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6 Top Apps for Efficient Work in your Home Office

Great Productivity Apps: 6 Tips for Efficient Work in your Home Office

One loves it, the other is bored to death with it: Home Office. But because of the Corona Virus, lots of us have to work from home for several weeks – and not everyone is used to this new kind of workspace. To make your new working routine easier, we would like to give you some great productivity apps and inspiration! 

Notion: Collaboration Application (free + paid)

Great Productivity App

Create a To Do list to structure your work and be most efficient in home office. But better don’t use pen and paper for that if you want to keep your team up to date. In that case, the Collaboration App Notion will be a perfect choice for you, as it offers you many functions for productive working and brings your desk online. Besides the collaboration task board for your whole team, you also have an individual task board and the possibility to create subtasks on both of them. Furthermore, you can switch between different types of viewing your board, like a table view, a To-Do list view, by status or a calendar view. One other good thing about Notion is: All these options are for free and even the paid versions, which offer a few more features, aren’t too expensive. And last but not least, you can use this app either on your desktop or on your smartphone which gives you more flexibility. Don’t hesitate to check this out!


Slack: Instant Messaging Platform (free + paid)


As your smartphone can be a highly dangerous distraction while working, it’s safer to communicate directly on your laptop with your colleagues. The Instant messaging platform

Slack might become your new best friend in this regard, as it’s perfect for communicating with your whole team in a chat on your laptop. Your workspace consists of channels, which are a central place for messaging, tools and files. These Channels bring together the right people with the right information. Besides using big group chats, you also can use direct messages or create teams you have to communicate with. And of course, you can also use Slack on your smartphone if you’re not in the home office.


Zoom: Virtual Business Meeting (free + paid)

Great Productivity Apps

You don’t have to miss your beloved colleagues even if you’re working from home – as there is Zoom! Run online meetings with up to 100 participants and for 40 minutes if you choose the free version. Even if you’re not at your laptop you can join the meeting by using the app on your smartphone. One really good thing about Zoom is the screen sharing function that makes it very easy to discuss the same things, even if everyone is in their own home office. The differences between the free and the paid versions are, among others, the number of participants that can attend a meeting or the time limit for each meeting. 


Krisp: Reducing Background Noises (free + paid)

Krisp Productivity App

Getting interrupted by your purring cat or playing children during a Zoom call is not the best for an ideal work atmosphere. So why not turn the background noises down? The noise cancelling app Krisp removes all annoying sounds of the other side of the call just by activating it on your device. The free version offers you a weekly limit to mute the microphone noise while the paid versions can be used unlimited. That makes Krisp to one of the great productivity apps as you can really focus on work!


Dropbox: File Hosting Service (free + paid)

Video making and photo editing are your field of work and you’re looking for an opportunity to structure and share this content with your team or customers? Check out

Dropbox, the file hosting service for almost all kinds of files. With the free version “Dropbox Basic” you get 2GB storage and have the ability to share links, preview files and collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues. The extended versions “Pro” and “Business” offer up to 1TB and unlimited storage to save, structure and share your files. 


WeTransfer: Computer File Transfer Service (free + paid)


Why use an App for sending files when there’s email? Because quality matters! If you want to share bigger files like graphics or pictures with your colleagues, it would be a pity if their quality has to be reduced when you attach them in your email. Wetransfer gives you the free opportunity to send files up to 2GB as an email or by sharing a download link. If you use the paid version of WeTransfer you can even send files up to 20GB and you will have 1TB storage space. However you decide, WeTransfer makes it easy for you to share videos, photos or presentations for webinars while working in your home office.

We’re sure that these great productivity apps will make your working routine much easier and more productive. If you need more inspiration, check out the 5 Marketing Essentials to always have with you!

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Elena Blume

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