Produce videos that are more engaging and creative with video editing skills that you can equip yourself with, all from your phone!

when you learn how to edit, you learn how to truly market your business with beautiful video content

Do you wish you’d not make that mistake half way through your filming and have to start over again?

Would you like if you could show more visuals, or talk more, but without making the video longer?

Then you will absolutely benefit from learning how to edit on your smartphone with our two part webinar series. Editing skills that we teach you can equip you to bring your videos online to your social media channels without having to touch a laptop or desktop!

it takes little time, to make an impactful difference

It’s crucial that your videos are a branding exercise. Videos should look professional to a certain degree and they should contain content like graphics, and multiple shots to keep the viewers hooked. Everyone is so impatient these days and want to get right into a video within the first three seconds!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Set up your project and import footage, learning about aspect ratos. 
  • Structure your timeline by cutting and triming your footage
  • Apply b-rolls to your video to make it more engaging
  • Source and add soundtracks
  • Apply graphics to your videos like logos and branding


After this course, you will never look at filming in the same way again! How is this so? It’s because you will understand that the great videos out there are just bits, bits stuck together in a creative way. So you don’t just learn how editing works from a technical aspect, you also learn how to unlock your filming skills to more creativity when filming!

There is never a better time to upskill than now, and yes, it takes patience to get it right, but it’s a beautiful craft, a craft that can be applied to your business and become the most poweful content marketing you have!

One Time Fee


This is a two hour course that can be viewed live, or on demand. It’s up to you!

aidan geraghty


Aidan founded Videotree in 2014. In those years he has helped businesses succeed by helping them harness the power of video content and video marketing strategy. He now specialises as a video trainer running workshops online and on the ground equipping businesses to shoot their own video content like a pro. He has recently launched his own e-commerce business where he creates video content using his smartphone.

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