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Video Marketing On Your Smartphone

Ticket Price: €150

  • T-Cube Buildings, 8-9 Westmoreland Street, Dublin, D02 NW22
  • 14th August, 2019
  • 9:00AM - 3:00PM


After watching a video, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product online (Forbes, 2017)! In todays online world, video content really is king! Even as a news reader online, do you find that it’s much easier to look at a short video report than read an entire article? People want information and they want it quickly, and well presented. Imagine if you can confidently give your consumers what they want; video at the point of purchase or on social media?

I went from having a nice camera on my phone that I've struggled to create impressive video on to having a video marketing strategy from shooting, to editing to publishing, all from my phone.

John Cunningham

With our workshops you’ll discover that great looking video that engages with your social media audience is possible. You’ll learn that there is time in your business to incorporate it as a regular part of your marketing content. And you’ll see that you can do this all by yourself.

Having a video thumbnail in search results can DOUBLE your traffic.

What You'll Learn

Practical tips and techniques to come up with a great creative that best presents and connects your product or service to the right audience.

Learn about the different types of videos you can shoot with your smartphone and identify what will best market your product or service.

Great shots are no good without a great edit! Using Kinemaster for smartphone we will walk you through how to use it step by step. Add special effects, soundtracks, transitions so that your video looks professionally presented and fine tuned.

We understand you are limited with time in your business so we teach you best practise for creating and managing templates so that video can become part of your regular digital marketing strategy.

We will go through the publishing process of videos on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. It’s crucial you post your content in the most effective way possible to really engage with your audience. 

Key Benefits..

  • Know how to light your shots
  • Understand the concepts that make any good video
  • Edit videos using Kinemaster on your smartphone
  • Know best practise posting tips to social media
  • Know how to set up templates and processes to streamline your video production
  • Know what the best type of video works for your product or service and how to apply it

Attendees Love It

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