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Create Beautiful 360 Degree Jewellery Product Videos

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In todays online world, video content really is king! 90% of people say product videos are helpful in their decision making process (Hubspot).  And on Instagram specifically, Animoto report that 53% of marketers see video content as being important to their Instagram marketing strategy. So why is this? Well we are all consumers of the internet and we want to consume more information at an ever quicker rate. We want information and we want it NOW!

That’s why product videos work so well for jewellery businesses, but only when they are done right. Not only do they show information in sparkling three dimensional detail, but they show so much so quickly and the visual of a video leaves a lasting imprint in their mind. For example, a whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the last 30 days (Hubspot).

i've struggled to get the process of making a video right. bad lighting, no sparkle, shaky, and unprofessional - which is bad for business, to having professional looking videos that i'm confident to publish on my social media channels. all because of this workshop!

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With our workshops you’ll discover that the solution to great jewellery videos lies in having a proven working system set up that you can work into your business and it’s not about having the most hi-tech camera. You don’t need to be a professional, and you can be trained. Prepare to dominate social media with your own in-house jewellery product video solution, all from your mobile phone!

i got the knowledge of how to shoot and the information on the best tools to source to get me that gauranteed result - because we went through a demo of the whole process with our own video!

Shoot, edit and publish your very own jewellery product video at our workshop! We bring you through the whole process using our lightbox and props and we will help you source this equipment so you can replicate the result back in your store again and again!

What You'll Learn

We will bring you through a step by step process on how to create your own product video – all the way to publishing! You just need to bring some jewellery samples.

Under our guidance, you will learn how to edit the footage you’ve shot in realtime. We show you how to manipulate your shots and add effects, soundtracks, transitions, captions and a whole lot more so that your video is designed for maximum audience engagement. And most of all, we guide you on setting up templates so that you can easily replicate the same result for your next shoot without having to start over.

Great video deserves a great distribution strategy. We bring you through best practise techniques and make sure you avoid common mistakes when publishing video. We publish your video on Facebook and Instagram and optimise your video on Youtube.

Get all the information you need from both hands on use of the equipment at the workshop as well as information from Aidan on how to get it for your own store. A table top solution that you can use at any time with zero production costs – no need to hire an expert.

Key Benefits..

  • Hands on use of shooting equipment that you get to know and trust that works
  • Create your very own jewellery product video on the day of the workshop and publish it - all fully guided by Aidan
  • You'll have a system of shooting your products that works and transforms your social media
  • Learn how to edit using Kinemaster for not just product videos, any video!
  • Know how to set up templates and processes so you shoot more videos in less time
  • You'll easily be able to transfer this knowledge to your colleagues once you are taught by us

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About Aidan


Aidan is founder of Videotree, a leading video marketing business that provides strategic video content solutions to clients like Showcase Ireland, Belleek, Fields Jewellers, Sosume, Fingal Leader and many more. 

He has recently launched his own e-commerce business where he creates video content using his smartphone. 

He loves to help SME’s unlock the video making potential of their smartphone with his video making workshops.

  • +3531 5397279
  • aidan@videotree.ie

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