Video Production & Marketing Work For Waterford Crystal Jewellery

Here is an overview of what we did for our client Waterford Crystal Jewellery. We deliver so much value by creating excellent visuals for one product.


360 Video Production

The reason we used this packaging was to maximise brand exposure. We recorded the products from different angles to provide a detailed view of the product we presented the product on the packaging to enhance the visual impact. We communicated the product to provide an excellent impression on how the product is presented on purchase. Many items like this pendant are purchased as a gift so this style of video is an excellent way to produce visuals that appear to the gift buyer.


Integration to Marketing Strategy

The purpose of this video like all videos, are to maximise its value for investment. This is achieved by understanding video SEO techniques and social media strategy as well as integrating video in websites so we carry out the following steps:

  • Created a YouTube channel and optimized the content accordingly
  • Published the video on Facebook and Instagram
  • Integrated the video to the website
  • Distributed to the stockists and directed them to use it as part of their social media content


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